Goals and Goal Setting
Gary Ryan Blair knows how to get results
Gary Ryan Blair helps business owners, corporate executives and
sales professionals manage their time, set their priorities, and
stay focused so they can achieve their goals, grow their
business, enjoy more success and greater freedom.

Gary can be reached for speaking, coaching and media
requests at 877-462-5748 or by sending an


If you're looking for tools to help you enjoy greater focus, clarity and results, you have come to the right place. The selections that follow represent the product and service portfolio of our companies. Each world-class offering is designed to help you compete effectively and profitably in an increasingly competitive world.

The GoalsGuy Got Resolutions?
Personal Strategic Plan 100 Day Challenge
got goals? Everything Counts!
Web Seminars on Demand The Power of Focus
Why Every Vote Counts Ten Million Resolutions
Circle of Excellence Portable Wisdom
Mind Munchies Goals for Teens
Goal Setting 101

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The GoalsGuy The GoalsGuy delivers world-class resources around performance improvement and profit building initiatives. Over 80,000 customers and more than 60% of the Fortune 500 use our methodologies, products and services to maintain a competitive edge. Go there now!
got goals? got goals? is a fun lifestyle brand that champions the human spirit. Our mission is to inspire people to live into their full potential through learning resources, training programs, and apparel that make the heart sing, mind expand and the spirit soar. Go there now!
Everything Counts! Everything Counts! is the attitude of champions, the philosophy of greatness, and serves as the golden rule of excellence for human performance. Everything Counts will equip you to reach for higher levels of growth, productivity, and personal mastery. Go there now!
Personal Strategic Plan Personal strategic planning is a disciplined thought process, which produces fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide every important decision in your life and career. Learn how to achieve more in one year than you ever thought possible. Go there now!
Why Every Vote Counts Why Every Vote Counts was created to explain the significance and key reasons why all of us in a democratic society should participate in the voting process. It focuses on these questions: Does my vote really count? Is it worth it? Why vote?. Go there now!
10 Million Resolutions 10 Million Resolutions was founded on the premise, that a single resolution can positively and profoundly create lasting change in your life and help to make the world a better place. Learn a step-by-step process for achieving all of your resolutions. Go there now!
The Power of Focus Focus is the key to accelerating and expanding all results. Yet, no other principle is violated as constantly, nor as recklessly, as the basic principle of focus. Our follow one course until successful program helps you to identify and leverage core strengths. Go there now!
Goal Setting 101 Goal Setting 101 teaches the foundational building blocks for success and achievement. This powerful resource has been used by more than two million people around the world and stands as the best program for learning the right way to set and achieve a goal. Go there now!
Goals for Teens Goals 4 Teens is every parents and teachers dream as it delivers a step-by-step resource for teaching youth about goals, character and success. Your child will learn how to determine what they want, how to design a plan to get there, and to follow though. Go There now!
Web Seminars on Demand Web Seminars on Demand is the optimal choice for organizations who prefer a best of breed solution without the up-front costs, lengthy license commitments or complexity of traditional solutions. This is the future of learning and development. Go there now!
Portable Wisdom Monday Morning Motivation is a powerful collection of MP3 messages which you can listen to and enjoy anytime, anywhere. Each message is designed to make the heart sing, the mind expand and the sprit soar. Use them to stimulate your melon 24/7. Go there now!
Mind Munchies Mind Munchies are tightly written special reports that are designed with an immediate call to action exercise. This powerful collection of e-learning treatments deliver concise messages on performance improvement strategies in an inexpensive manner. Go there now!

Gary can be reached for speaking, coaching and media
requests at 877-462-5748 or by sending an

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